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Joomla CMS DetailsRating: 5Joomla is more powerful than wordpress and easier to use than Drupal. It is based on the Model-View-Controller stack and is a CMS structured the "right" way. Latest Version: 3.4.8 released Dec 24, 2015 I tried to submit more info like links to the demo joomla site, but it was flagged as spam. All the info about Joomla is at www.joomla(dot)org

The Best EVEREasy and simple with power!!

It could have been the BestRating: 4It could have been the best CMS but the cummunity is long dead If the plugins and templates are active than it could easily lead wordpress But Still it is truly great

The best , most flexible and robustRating: 5With the new Joomla 3 version this CMS really displays it power, flexibility , huge functionality and easy customization.

Was and will also be the Best!Rating: 5Joomla has always been the best CMS. Do not think that Wordpress is better just because its popularity. Joomla is by far the best CMS out there. And now, with the Joomla 3 series it will prove it to the world!

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Software Features: 15

Programming Language
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Friendly URLs
  • Inline
  • Image Resizing
  • Mass Upload
  • Content Approval
  • Content Scheduling
  • Sub Sites
  • Ad Manager
  • Statistics
  • Link Manager

Feature Ranking

Free11   out of   33
MySQL13   out of   54
PHP15   out of   57
Open Source22   out of   67
Ad Manager30   out of   45
Statistics35   out of   59
Link Manager38   out of   78
Inline39   out of   81
Content Scheduling40   out of   82
Content Approval43   out of   88
Image Resizing44   out of   73
Mass Upload44   out of   67
Sub Sites46   out of   86
Friendly URLs46   out of   97
WYSIWYG48   out of   96

Feature rankings are determined by the total number of features each CMS offers.

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